Home Style Italian Olive Oil

La Casetta is a family-owned olive garden in Southern Italy. Our oil comes from Calabria, which is known as one of the best olive regions in Italy. It’s unique climate and remoteness from any industrial factories gives our olives all the sweetness of Mediterranean sun. Special soil and exquisite condition of our 100-year old plantation create a very rich fragrance of the oil.

La Casetta

plantation is             100+  years old!           .  .  .  .  .  .  . 

3 L

Cost-saving & eco-friendly package!

italiaOlives are pressed within 12 hours from the moment of harvesting. This is why you can feel the fragrance of fresh olives and the taste is soft, even sweet. We make this oil as if we were still making it for ourselves. And the package is traditional for Southern Italy. This is why we say that our oil is traditional “home style”. In 2017 our garden was turning 100 years old.

Without chemicals and heating

Without chemicals and heating

Free shipping in Europe

Free shipping in Europe

Eco-friendly and cost-saving package

Extra virgin sunlight in your house

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